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Fri, Jul. 20th, 2007, 01:44 pm

As I have said before, many of my friends have kids. One of my friends in particular frustrates me sometimes. Her kids are unruly and run all over her (they are 5 and 2). Her daughter is a brat, too. She's 5. My friend has kind of had a rough life, so I try to be patient with her. She also has a lot of qualities I admire, it's just that nobody is perfect.

I'm probably just biased because I love all animals in general and I'm particularly a dog person, but she said she didn't like dogs. Some people don't and while I don't understand it, I accept it. I asked her why. Her answer? "I have kids."

Okay...a lot of people have dogs and kids. She said that a dog bit her daughter's nose. I said it was the wrong dog to mess with, then. She said that no, it was a family dog and it was babied. I said that perhaps that dog had not been around very many people and was probably not good with kids. I wanted to say that her daughter was probably fucking with him (which she most likely was). I've noticed in my experience that parents who don't know how to be around dogs have children who don't. It just makes sense.

It just frustrates me as someone who had dogs as a kid and is around them to this day (I can't afford my own yet so I claim my sister's dogs as my neice and nephew). She has probably never taught her daughter how to handle and respect dogs (she may not know how to herself). I know that kids and dogs can thrive together. I had a Brittany Spaniel from the time I was born to age 8. A poodle from age 9-24 and another Brittany Spaniel from age 17-23 (I was most partial to him and I still cry over him sometimes at age 27).

I know first-hand that dogs can be wonderful family members and a great companion. It just frustrates me that some people can't understand that and won't try to learn it. Dogs get written off as filthy, bad animals who can't be around children and it's an uneducated misconception. It saddens me that people can't try to live with and learn about the rest of God's creatures (or the Earth, whatever one believes; I just happen to believe in God). It's part of being open-minded. It's best to teach your child to respect an animal, especially a pet and learn how to love them. I'm not saying they should get their own pet, but when you're in the company of one, show your children how to be respectful to someone's beloved family member.